Yoyo After LASIK Eye Surgery


I’m 31 and have worn glasses since I was in first grade. Yesterday I had corrective LASIK eye surgery. This morning I woke up and while my eyes are still healing and not nearly 100% yet, holy cow, I honestly think I can throw like never before. My depth perception and ability to hit the gap during any trick is honestly already vastly improved. It’s amazing. My eyes are still very dry, which is to be expected post-LASIK, and they kind of hurt like crazy, but I absolutely think this is going to turn me into a better player.

Anyone else have LASIK? Anyone else have an experience close to this? It’s a good day.


Glad to hear it! Im jealous, ive been wearing glasses for 16 years now and I would love to chuck them.

My dad got lasik 13 years ago and started wearing glasses full time again about 2 years ago. He never got any touch ups or anything either.


Laisk thses days is way better than even a few years ago…My mom had it, around 7 years ago. She has to do touchups, but she also works with computers 24/7 for her job…So yeah, that’s good to hear, man. Good luck with everything.


That’s good to hear.

I want to get LASIK sometime in the future. Contacts are such a drag.

May I ask what power your eyes were before the surgery?

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I absolutely hate wearing glasses. They just don’t seem right to me. Even the slightest bit of view distorted can throw me off, and I play hockey, so I got contacts. Whenever I put my glasses on, I feel that I’m trapped in a tunnel due to the rims, and my depth perception is always off slightly.


I was a -8.00 in my right eye and -7.50 in my left eye, so they were pretty bad. My corneas were above average thickness though so that helped make the LASIK correction work well I guess.


Wow, and I thought MINE were bad. I’ve got -4.00 in my right and -4.25 in my left.


-4.00 and -4.25 is still pretty bad, but yeah, my eyes were not very good. I’m grateful for this. Worthwhile investment for sure.


I’m allergic to Retinax 5…

that’s really cool how you have improved. hopefully it will stay that way. (your yo-yoing AND your eyes)


I hope to get LASIK when I turn 18, I’m 14 now and have been wearing glasses for a while. I also can’t put contacts in. I went back to the optometrist 6 days to try and put them in.