Do You Wear Prescription Eyeglasses?

I do, one eye is -5.50 and the other is -5.75

Cataract surgery is wonderful. I no longer wear prescription eyeglasses.
Isn’t great being old?

Aah cataracts sucks man, I am glad I don’t have it.

yes and no
i am recently back on contacts and glasses now after a few i had some bad spells of pink eye kept returning (bad enough to go to the eye doctor) and she said i need glasses again (so much for a year of eye therapy that fixed the problem). So now I’m on contacts once again after about 5 years but, i do have glasses when i cant seem to get my contacts in.


I wore them for 9 years as a kid, from about 6 to 15. Then, I stopped, and haven’t worn anything since then. I had an eye exam recently, and I don’t need eyeglasses at all. Long story on that one, but it’s a miracle! ::slight_smile:

I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, finally switched to contacts about 10 years ago. I’m good about it, take them out every night etc. I wish I had the guts to have LASEK, but I’m scared of permanent damage even in one eye. I’ll deal with morning/night ritual of poking myself in the eye, thanks.

I would never have lasek eye surgery because of that. They have to cut a slit in your outer eye’s skin and then use laser on your Pupil. I’m not scared of the laser, I’m scared of the slit and the possibility of a accidental mess-up.

Eye where glasses it doesnt really bother me though

i have contacts. The longest i have been able to keep a pair of glasses is seven months i just break them.

I like my contacts though never have to clean them and i can rub my face without having to take of glasses.

Yes they do, but, just wait until your age doubles.

Yup Without mine I can’t see the yoyo in front of me legally blind

I wear prescription glasses, -0.5 on both eyes with astigmastism thrown in. I don’t use contacts as I don’t like touching my eyes.

I’ve been wearing glasses since 8th grade, I miss contact lenses but glasses are way cheaper since I have astigmatism, and the eye exam is a lot cheaper (wish I were still young enough to have my parents foot the bill :P)

I don’t mind them though, just get a pair of prescription sunglasses ( if you’re like me, you also need an additional pair of regular glasses small enough to fit under goggles, science major and paintballer means a lifetime in goggles) and you’re set

no as well…but im growing more blind everyday,eventually i will…

Wore them for a week becuz ill blame schoolwork for making me go on the computer for hours at a time. Lost them. Havent gotten another since. That was about 2 years ago LOL I need glasses haha

anyone who wears non-prescription eyeglasses is basically saying “look how good I would look if I was optically challenged”

I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses. having to clean stupid smudges of my vision is so annoying man

Eh, I like my glasses. I agree that life would be so much easier if I could have perfect eyesight though

I do, check out the avatar… I don’t mind them, debating if I want to try contacts…

Depends on what you do for a living (or for fun). If the environment is dusty or smoky it’s probably not a good choice. At least that was my experience.