Yoyo accident

I dropped my yoyo in the pool. What do i do?

I just push my brother in to get it. I’m not getting wet at all :wink:

  1. get it out of the pool.
  2. take it apart
  3. remove the bearing and deshield it
  4. blow the water out of it with a can of compressed air. Make certain it is thoroughly dry.
  5. decide whether you want to lube it.
  6. reassemble and play
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lol… Is there anything wrong with it? Might want to clean the bearing. Not sure what chlorine does to it.

This is weird…

Dive in, get it back, take the yoyo apart, take the shields off your bearing, blow it out. Use paper towel to dry the bearing and blow out the axle seat.

If you want to save your string, it’s just going to take time to dry.

Your response pad may need to be replaced. Just play it as is for now. Worse case is you do need to replace it. If you’re using flowable silicone, this shouldn’t be an issue.

You do know how to swim, right?

This ain’t a big deal. If you’re really worried about the bearing, then clean it in mineral spirits, acetone or lighter fluid. Lube as desired and get back to having fun. Either way, cleaning the bearing can’t be a bad thing.

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