YouTube question


So YouTube won’t let me put music to my videos for some reason. If I put music to it beforehand while editing it, will they delete my video for copywright reasons? Could I even go to jail for it?


they might delete it … but i notice a lot of tutorials give credit for the music they use, so you can do that…

and i think for them to delete it, someone has to report it or something

but i doubt that you will go to jail for it :slight_smile:


No you cannot go to jail for it. You can’t even be fined. Because if they sent everyone to jail for posting videos with copywrited music, this country would need 1000’s of more jails.

Most of the time youtube will mute the music in your video, or they will remove the video. However the youtube editor has songs that youtube has allowed people to put in your videos. So if you want to be safe, just use one of those songs


Nope, they scan for music automagically.


if your in some violation hidden in the terms and agreements that nobody reads (srrry nobody, but i really mean “nobody”) there shouldnt be any reason for you to go to jail as long as youre reasonable and fix it… if for some reason i was wrong, then im living the rest of my life deep in the andes mountains where no one can find me, cuz who knows what i might get nailed for


well when I go to enhancements to audio swap the screen down where the videos go is just black. I can add annotations and crap, but it won’t let me add audio.