Yoyo video questions


Im going to make a video and I new to youtube. I want to put music in my video. The music comes from labels like monstercat, armada ext. Looked around and saw I could get suied for putting music in the background or get a copyright strike. Can some one please explain to me how to avoid these things and how it works? I just wanted to post a yoyo video.


You won’t get sued as long as it isn’t an illegal download. Just downloading it off mp3 sites is perfectly legal. Also, just make sure you don’t say it’s your music or take credit for the music. THAT’S what makes you get sued.


Usually if you give credit to the artist nothing will happen, and the worst that could happen is they will mute your video.


Thanks guys im to young to get a lawsuit.


They will usually just take down your video :frowning: Used to happen to me a lot. As people said, just put a disclaimer.