YouTube copyright=annoying

Every time I upload a video my audio gets removed. And I see all you other guys with music that you decided to use yourselves. How on earth do you manage to do that? I am tired of audio swapping so I’ve started uploading to Vimeo, but my YouTube subscribers deserve their part of it. So I basically want to know how you guys do it.

Some songs are copyrighted, some aren’t. You just have to get lucky, I guess.

Yeah, look at audioswap, see which bands have licenses to youtube. Only use music from those bands. Thats why Jayyo found millions of people using a certain song on all their vids.

WHen I used “Bust A Move” with Young MC. I had to audio swap t the same song… just another version.

The youtube copyright issue is such a pain for us throwers but alas, technically speaking we are infaxt breaking copyright law.


What yoyoers do need to be doing is to find artists that are currently under what is called a creative commons licenase. With that we are allowed to use the music.

Such a site to use to get such music would be here:

Look into it, for my last video I used such a artist for the song and it was just fine. =)


A lot of people slide by the copyright with that itunes ad that pops up that says the song and artist, so its also like selling the music.

How do you get that?

They get licence from the label or dispute with the audio removal. Then YouTube will place the ad on your video.

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Or you can just not put the song name or band name in the description or comments, cause they search it and flag them.

Not exactly so.

They do indeed do this but there has been times where I didn’t put any song name in the title and description, and 2 seconds after the video is done and up to view to the public, BAM! Audio disabled.

I have no idea how they do it.

I really wish they wouldn’t do this, many great videos have been ruined due to this.

I had a video I had to take down due to a song for 10 seconds in the background!

And the rest was talking to friends and yoyoing, I cant audioswap cause that would mute everyone talking, but it was already muted, so I removed the video due to the fact that is was now rendered useless.

So annoying, but there is nothing we can do it about it now.


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I just send one of those copyright forms. I think they are to lazy to read them because I have had several videos get their audio back. I do not know if this will keep working though.

Boo on the copyrights crap, the more people hear a song the more the bands popularity goes up. free advertising is what we’re doing, why cant they settle for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here.