Youtube and music

What’s youtube’s music policy?

Like do I have to get approval from someone or something to use a certain song? Or can I just put it in the video?

YouTube’s music policy is so dumb. You can put it in the video, but there is a chance it might get a copyright issue and be blocked in some random country. Worse case senario, they’ll have you replace the audio with one of the songs they offer in their library. Just put it in though.

I say just go with vimeo. It’s so much easier.

Oh ok, thank you.

I think I’ll just take the chance and stick with Youtube because I already have a couple tutorials, but I think I’m going to make a freestyle type video which I want music for.

If your music does get stripped from the video, a dispute regarding fair use should get your music back.

There’s a lot of small artists out there that aren’t on a label, use their music, but ask first.