Music for yoyo videos...

So I decided last minute that I’m going to participate in the edge yoyo contest so I need some music. Where do you guys get your music from that is okay to post on YouTube? Is there any regulations on Instagram for what you can use?

Why don’t you read the policy of where you want to post your stuff instead of asking a bunch of clueless people who will all mostly give the wrong answer… Youtube has very explicit rules, as I’m sure instagram does as well. ???

I doubt people are clueless. Potentially they tell you the wrong answer, sure. Someone will quickly jump to call them out on it though (normally). There are tons of people who post videos on both of these two platforms. Many of them use music in their videos. I thought it would be a simple answer but perhaps I am wrong. I will look into it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Just do a google search for royalty free music. You’ll find a bunch of sites offering music that is free to use for any personal project. Some may have stipulations asking for credit in description or something like that. Just search around and read the rules on whatever site you find.

That article will tell you most of what you need to know. The grey area that you’ll want to look for more info on is ‘Fair Use’ see link below.

Fair Use seems to be a really really grey area for using music in your videos. The number one thing I took away from reading these is you’ll be a lot safer if you don’t monetize from your videos. Also, the copyright holders have to take fair use into account, so if your video is for entertainmemt or educational purposes it can, but not necessarily will be, considered fair use. However, it looks like YouTube has some protection for their users on copyrighted material.

Found a new article while writing this, look towards the end of the article, as it has a ‘Deciding if your video is Fair Use’

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I hate when people tell you the wrong answer >:(. Just whistle and hum your own tunes :smiley:

I actually thought about doing that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can make some weird sounds plus I’m pretty decent at whistling. I think that should be some style points right there :wink:

Royalty free, not a bad beat if you’re not looking to play super fast.

The repetition of funk, and lack of lyrics keeps the focus on you. It’s that steady pulse. In audacity (easy) you can change the tempo up or down and keep the pitch. Let me know if you need help, but basically it’s easy peasy!

The point is look for royalty free on youtube, this way it’s very doubtful you’d have a problem, and it’s the “right” way to go about things.  If you had a problem, it;s most likely promoters of an event who like to adhere to strict policies, and like to set a good example for students and others.