"yousef" is a Possible Scammer guys. Watch out.

I would like to post this because of my recent interaction with Yousef. He may very well be a scammer, and I generally give people the benefit of the doubt when they have Zero feedback, because hey, we all were newbs at one point or another.
Well, It started off with his silly (and terrible) offer, for my OG Punchline.
He offered a “First Run Addict” and a starbrite or something like that, which as you guys know me, I would jump on an Addict immediately because I love D bearing SPYY.
Well, I asked him for pics, because a couple days later he sent me a message stating that he had a Revenger and an Addict, When I requested pics, he sent them to my email addy, which I had not provided him with, And the first set of pictures were of a SPYY Pro. (This is not a revenger…) He said, sorry, I meant a Pro. Then, I stated that I wanted to see pics of this supposed addict as well, He then sent me pictures from an ENTIRELY different photostream of a 1st run Addiction. (Which any person who truly enjoys SPYY can blatantly tell the difference).
I told him that I found this to be extremely suspicious (the separate photostreams). He then stated, Im not a scammer, I dont know how to upload photos.
So, I told him that I would like him to take pictures of the 2 throws in question together, with a piece of paper stating the date and time and send them to my email (no uploading/hosting required), essentially just to prove that he even had said yoyos.
He immediately responded with, “The trade is off.”

Now i’m not trying to jump the gun here and call him a scammer, but man, was that all ever suspicious. Please guys, Take caution if you end up dealing with Yousef, and make sure that he ships first. If all turns out to be well, I will bite my tongue regarding this little occurrence between him and I.

All the Best in Trading guys and gals.


thanks for the heads-up

Either very childish, or a scammer.

this kid has offered me so many ridiculious trade offers like a addiction (Ya Josh ur not the only one) and YYF DNA for my code 2… like im ripping him off so bad and he seems like he doesnt care… im going with what josh said…

Seems like theres quite a bit of scamming lately. Or it may just be me. I dunno…

well i didnt get scammed but he was just making those “scammer” offers to me. lol

I think he was at MWRs