Your thoughts about play styles


Hi, I want to ask your opinion about play style.

As the number of yoyoers increases, many style has been developed.
I would divide them by two big chunks - slack and speed.

These days, I see many incredible slack or tech players. I saw some people arguing that slack combos are better than speed combos.

In my opinion, I would say slack combos are generally harder to hit, but there is no reason to disrespect speed combos.

I want to ask you about this;
Is slack combos better than speed combos?
and I also want to know why you would say yes or no about it.

Thank you and I love you Colin :):slight_smile:


Maybe slack combos are more technical, but I feel as though speed stuff on a higher level is usually presented “cleaner” than slack stuff on a higher level. There are of course exceptions. Personally I don’t think one is better than the other… my personal preference is slack, but I like mixing between the two for my own style. It’s all preference!