How to make a good combo.

So I’m posting this topic to help others and myself learn good techniques for making good combos by letting you guys post what you think are good ways to come up with them. If you can, post on this topic saying or giving a tip on making good tricks and combos.
Thank you so much guys(and girls)


Don’t mix too many different elements, an easier combo that is mostly slack will look much better and flow much better than a much harder one that has trick elements that are all across the board and don’t fit together.

For me it’s not as much about the trick as it is how smooth someone can make it look. Here’s a few tips I keep in mind when practicing or making a new combo.

  1. Try to change the direction the yoyo is traveling in as little as possible. If you do change direction use a boing or a string hit to gain some extra momentum.

  2. Unless you really want specific emphasis on a mount or move never, EVER, stop in the middle of a combo. This will kill your flow. You want the yoyo to be moving at all times.

  3. Slack is cool.

Slacking is nice and all but I don’t get out of my seat unless its takahiro iizuka or janos karancz slacks. When it comes to making tricks venture out to mounts and moves you’re not used to or not necessarily comfortable with. It makes a great trick and a better player. If you’re out of inspiration watch your favorite players and have them influence some tricks!

I highly recommend this tutorial that Beverchakus made years ago. It goes into detail about combo conception, fluidity, creation, etc. Great stuff


That would make sense based on stuff I’ve seen. For example, what comes to mind is once I see someone do chopsticks, I see a bunch more on that particular throw. I guess it’s “pick a theme and flow with it.”

Ok thanks guys, I appreciate you giving great tips which I can already see will be a huge help. :slight_smile:


Anybody ever improvise in music? well there are a lot of parallels. Nobody just walks into a set of chord changes they have never seen and just wings it and gets something great. usually they practice “licks” as yoyoers practice “tricks.” they take these licks, and they connect them with ascending or descending scales or chromatics or arpeggios. we take our tricks and string them together with slacks or flops or rejections etc. basically, practice some small tricks and then try to string them together. watch from your idols and learn a few tricks from a video, then throw them in your own combo with your own flare and variations.

I’m just a beginner but I like to pick a common point that both tricks have such as trapeze, brain twister, double or nothing. And flow into the next trick from there.