Looking into some players that I really like and want to emulate their play styles.
Really into Jensen Kimmit ,Paul Kerbel, Charles Haycock
o_O I don’t really understand the different in styles like some of these players descriptions confuse me
would anybody like to elaborate

I don’t know about difference, but other players with the title’s suggested playstyle include Zach Gormley, almost Gentry Stein, and I tend to have a technical slack style.

Takahiro Iizuka, Tatsuya Fujisaka, Luis Enrique, Marcus Koh (2013-present)

So, Let me elaborate for you.
Jensen has a Techy style core, with slack elements added in, and very relaxed flow.
Charles has the same flow, but more slack elements, however he also has some technical tricks in the arsenal.
Paul kerbel is Technical, but Very body oriented, and very dynamic.

Well I guess you guys misunderstood my OP
What defines technical play or slack(self-explanatory )play or a playstyle for that matter

technical is very close string formations, that are tight knit and lots of string hits.
Slacky is involving whips, and a lot of the string being released into slacks.

Are there other terms too ?

Sorry haha just trying to learn

Here are some videos of what I define as technical and slacky:



Tyler uses more fast, close knit tricks that get a lot of string hits.  Ky’s style is a little slower, with more slack, but still gets quite a few string hits.  Ky’s style is really technical as well, and i think he utilizes the string really well.  I saw both of these freestyles live and was blown away.

Watch a video of Zach Gormley. He is a technical player.
Watch a video of Magne Saetran (I believe he is on the forums here somewhere). He is a slacky player.

Both are amazing players, btw.