your roll model in yoyoing

mines mark hayward because he is funny,a great entertainer,awsome,
and he gave me a yoyo lesson.mark hayward inspired me to be an

whose your yoyoing roll model.

heres the link to mark haywards web site:

Paolo Bueno, because he made me want to yoyo again when I quit.


Such an awesome guy who has such a love for yoyoing, and goes wayyy out of his way tosupport the new generation.
He has been supporting and active in the community for over 10 years, and has revolutionized the sport with the creation of soloham and other 4A concepts.
He is a super kind and awesome individual who has brought hundreds into our community, and his love for the sport is awesome to see.

I aspire to be just like him and have that same love and joy for what I do, and that spark that brings others into the community.

In terms of yoyoing? Probably Elliot Jackson. He’s super-nice and tons of fun to hang out with, and has a lot of style and creativity. He’s also really humble and is never too proud to learn new tricks from people even at a much lower skill level (like me).

Another one would have to be Jeff Coons. I really respect Jeff for how giving he was to me when he first taught me to throw. He sold me a brand new Genesis for $60 after I’d been throwing for a month, which is really cheap, and gave me tons of free stuff to help get me on my way to learning. He’s also just been such an encouragement to my learning process. He’s always been really supportive both when teaching me and as a friend.