Your first competition.

If you competed in a yoyo contest or more than one tell me about your first. Tell me where, when, which yoyo you used, what place you were in, and if you won what did you win. I competed for my
first time at the Sopron International Yoyo Contest on June 13, 2009. I used my 888. There were
like six contestants in my division and I was in fith place. It was my first time in my life that I have
competed so I didn’t do that good.

keep spinning


BAC this year was the first time i ever competed but not my first contest.

i only did the novice division so it was not as intense as the 1a prelims but it was still really nerve racking. i use my BvM as my first yoyo and my backups were my other bvm and addiction, luckally i did not have to use either of them. there were 10 other contestants and i ended up getting 2nd. i won a lyn fury, legacy and a SE Sleep Machine.

I am going to compete in 2 days at MWR but I went to MN states and watched.

I hope I do well in my division, it is only 0-11 there won’t “Huge” competition, but I think I don’t get even close… I am probably going to use my PGM and either my Dark Magic or Speed Dial. If neither of my SD or DM doesn’t come I think I’ll use my 888 and if something else is wrong with that, Cream. I hope to win some plastics or something. Oh, as of today there is 8 people competing the the whole ladder but I don’t know how many in my age. (Probably around 3-5)

#33, my basketball number!!!(… I sucked that season)

BAC '09 was my first contest. I competed in the novice division.