Your favourite "cheap" strings

Hey guys i know were all talking about cheap strings but can anyone at all tell me what the closes thing to @BadWolfeCo dummy thiccs would be cheap or not? I fell in love just a few weeks after he said he was stopping of course :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

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I’m not sure how other brands compare on thickness, since I’ve mostly tried other brands’ “standard” thickness. But I will say, Zipline Smoothies are a lot like my Plushh poly/nylon blend, and their Skylines are a lot like my Slicc pure nylon. Not exactly the same but pretty close. Airetics were extremely similar to my Slicc but they’re not around anymore.


OT normal, or Kitty first class normal have been my go to for about a year now. Kitty shares alot of similarities with Zipline EP2020 and has always felt super premium for a bulk string. OT is just a solid competition string, been pretty lucky with strings holding tension and lasting pretty long unlike my experience with Sochi.


Revising my answer. Got 2 ten packs of Whiteout Alphaline and after throwing it around on a lot of my yoyos again, it won me back over lol. Better twist consistency and thickness than kitty fc fat, also doesnt seem fray as much. Way softer too.

I only stopped using alphaline as my #1 string because I wanted white and Kitty FC was nicer than Kitty lol

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So guys, still staying with the fact that in my case I needed to order in Europe to cut down the shipping cost.

Yesterday I received the Monkeyfinger Vines yellow phat, absolutely insane, can I say my favourite strings? Yes I can as there is no honeymoon with a string, I did play with it for around 5 hours and I tried to stress the string as much as I can, tons of slacks, whips but really tons of them and lot of string trick, I just wanted to destroy the string to see how it behave under stress.

First of all, the string is so soft in the hands and seems sort of “waxed” like it has a sort of covering it in (probably I am wrong but it feels like that), it left my hands kind of “smooth” and is fast my friends, soooo fast, I was throwing beef hooks all over the place.
It keep the tension extremely well, I didn’t had to adjust it like I usually do with other strings I used, those strings are hard to put under tension, every time I was checking it was perfectly neutral or just with a slight torsion that doesn’t affect the playing, unbelievable!

The thickness, to be “phat” seems quite a bit less fat than a Kitty first class but I actually did like it, more space in the gap for tricks against the rotation of the yoyo, the colour is great, the neon yellow is really neon yellow very bright and visible.

The strings doesn’t seems to “lose pieces”, usually in the strings I use I can see some parts of it getting out or getting brittle, this one until now seems to keep it’s original form perfectly.

I will keep “destroying” it for the whole week or until it die, I want to see how dirty it can become and how long this string last more or less, but those strings are high quality stuff, I really am impressed with this product.


I still have green string I bought from Andre at cal states I believe. Heck I still have highlights……


Life is too short to use cheap strings unless it’s a fixed axle, then get some type 10.


I should have stocked up on g string when I had the chance!