your favorite yoyo

tell us what your favorite yoyo is tell us about its specs

My favorite yo is the Darkmagic. It spins for about 1 min and 45 secs and has an adjustable gap so I can make it easier on those multiple landing tricks. It has a konkave bearing so it makes it able to land it more times. It also has that lip inside to make thumb grinds a breeze. It has some mettle rings on the edges so it makes it spin longer and makes grinds easier. It has a hybrid response system of O-ring on one side and starburst on the other so I never have to replace any stupid friction stickers or pads. Also it looks great and plays really smooth. That’s why the Darkmagic is my favorite, later and remember keep it spinning.

at the moment, i am loving my cu,
It can easaly fit in your pocket coz its so small, it has a pad responce, and it is easily moddable, you can also put hubstacks on it!

whats the brand for it

the cu is made by Alchemy yoyos :wink:

Pics: (off Google) -

My favorite is my blood lily.

7 minutes and 42 second sleeper is my record. 8)

  1. Sleeps about 1 minute and 45 seconds.

keep spinning


got to go with the YYJ Black Knight

so easy to grind with and does great with string tricks

X-con- pop the pogs, pure loads of thin lube in, fresh lime arriba string ready to roll job done :-*

My m1 is my favorite yoyo now. It is soooo smooth, can’t wait to wear out the 10 ball. ;D

Hopefully my Dv888 tomorrow.

No, it was not a necro ::slight_smile:


It’s not necessary brand new.

Anyways… I can’t decide between the L3 and the DV888. So I’ll say both. ;D

L3 is super smooth. Can do some sick grinds including palm grind (without gloves).

DV888 feels amazing once you get used it. Long spin time.

Fixed :wink:

Fixed ;D ;D ;D

Lol epic necro…

My P2 definantly, sleeps for 3 minutes probably with a dry 10 ball and I love the flow groove response. Stick some SSE or gator floss string and you got a amazing yoyo that cant be beat.

My favorite yoyo is the CLYW Ogopogo BvM. It sleeps for about 3 mins. on bad throw. On a good throw 5. It uses silicone on both halves and it is an amazing grinder.

now my girl friends boj wolb ;D