favorite thing about your favorite yoyo


what is you favorite thing about your favorite yoyo ;D write your favorite yoyo first then your favorite thing about that yoyo ;D


The shape.


Hitman. Stability, Response, Looks, Shape, Awesomeness.

I also like its durability. I hate the caps though, can’t be removed easily. (Yes, I used a knife for one of the sides)

Sometimes I like a dark magic too.



Just cuz…

(Eleazar) #5

Dv888. Smooth. Heavy and still Fast.


The WOOLY MARMOT! Why? Uber smooth, fairly light, a more then decent grinding yoyo only losing to the BvM, the acid washed color scheme is just to awsome.


5 star by general yo.

Why? silky smooth, by far the best grinder I own. The wieght seems just perfect for me. Makes a different noise than my other yo’s. For some reason it spins rather quite and long. Even when i put a bad bearing in it. The coating just makes it feel different than my other yoyo’s. No matter which other yoyo i use i always seem to come back to my 5 star. I personally think it’s one of the most under rated yo’s out there. The thing just plain rocks!!

(J. Lev) #8


It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

so true.


Suction cups for the win. I’ve never had troubles getting caps out.


Spinfaktor HG. What do I like about it? Well, the shape and size for one thing. Also, it’s durability. It can be dropped on the concrete while doing 4a, run away for a while, and come back just fine, no major damage done. Another thing, it’s playabilityness (word?). I just love everything about it, minus thumb grinds.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


But you’re not him, are you?

Anyway, I love how the 5* is always DEAD smooth, and I love how the Dv888 feels solid.


My favorite is the Agape.

The reason is because I made it! lol



everything about it is perfect for me and its smooooooth. the only thing its missing is a bead blasted finish


i love the dv888.
it is just a good solid all around player.


I have an lb hectic, the red and black splash, and i love the color, the yoyo shape and feel isnt my favorite, but the color is so cool that makes up for it.

(Saur) #17


Because its the only good yo-yo I have… haha


My DM, it is my learning yo and is currently the only yo i have that is more than 10 bucks(should have my TFL soon) but he weight and the size do it for me. just feels right in my huge caveman hands.