Your favorite yoyo and string combination


Mine is magicyoyo N12 with snake bit strings


Summit with YYSL Ammo


Co Lab with Twisted StringZ type E


ATM a Recrev Mangaroo with a Crocostrings Marshmallow.


7075 gambit with crocostrings cat tails or fantasy chords!


I like to use a Caribou Lodge Canvas,
With any color any brand fat string. (usually yellow)
Additionally, I tend to stretch my string out before use, as I like it a little longer than stock length.

Any quiet bearing
Tube Silicone response

Bonus Bonus:
I like throwing outside.
The natural lighting makes it “beautiful” in a sense, and really defines the form of expression.

Any know any sand colored, or beige yoyos?
I feel like it would do my light blue strings justice.


Especially barefoot, it adds to the experience.


YYC SE Spectrum with Fat Kitty
Wish I could find something that lasts longer than Fat Kitty that still keeps the same feel. That would be my dream string :slight_smile:


g2 triton or al7 triton and digital strands string on a boss rage bearing (dry)


Werrd fruiture with yellow blueprint or fat nylon kitty. The blueprint and kitty have a nice thin feeling to them when slightly stretched before use. It also still allows it to be paired with a ripple or crucial grooved.


Irony JP 2k13 with Blueprint string.

Bonus info - Gold CT bearing and IR Pads.


One Drop Benchmark H & DMII with Kitty fat green or red.


DM2 with YoyoStringLab venom multicolor poly/Cotten blend


Jackie Moon P2 with Gator Floss.


YYF Aviator with Toxic Lacers
Puffin with Toxic Lacers


Poor blackbird.


yoyorecreation blink with long, fat polyester string. best combo I have