Your favorite coloration of the Avalanche?

Title says it all.
What’s your favorite?

So far my favorites are:

Bushmen Edition
Purple w/Blue Speckles
Aurora Borealis

The one I got and the goldmine edition.

Here’s mine:

blue with blue speckles

I’ve always loved this one since it first came out. So happy I snatched one up.

I also like the blue with blue speckles. Does anyone have a pink with black speckle?

The Bushmen
Teal w/ Red & Yellow Speckle

Matterhorn with green splash! I ordered it last night and got conformation of its shipment today! I hope it gets here on wednesday!

Aurora Borealis is my favorite. I’m waiting for my Bushman :slight_smile:

Yellow with black splash.
Which should be here tommarow!

This. Picked one up last night ;D

I have to say that does look pretty awesome.

Every color way for the avalanche has been beast

I’m quite partial to the black/pink speckle and the purple/pink acid wash. The only one that would beat it would be a team edition.

That Jack Rabbit looks amazing!!

purple pink acid should be here tuesday or wednesday

Jack Rabbit ftw, then pink/purple and ThrowYoyo exclusive