Young Entrepreneurs of YoyoExpert!

You may know, that I don’t really make these kinds of posts.  But, I must say, that there are some young people on the forum that are better at making money than some adults.  There are young people on here polishing yo-yos, making string cutters, painting yo-yos, making string, yo-yo holders, yo-yo stands, you name it.  I have always said this community is no different than the general public when it comes to the “human” element, but I do think this community is brighter and more ambitious than the average.

It is nice to see a group of young people who would rather make their own money, and earn it, than beg adults for money, just because.  Or, even if they get an allowance, they turn their allowance into materials to start up a business and keep it going.  As someone who has always had an entrepreneural spirit, I have to give you guys some credit.  No problem with giving credit, where credit is due.

So, in honor off all the young businessmen/or women on the forum.  I’d like you all to post a bit about how you started developing your area of specialty, why it interested you, how business is progressing, and if you can give advice to other young people who want to do business too.

As you know, I make yo-yo holders myself, and I don’t know it all, but it all started on the forum too.  So, if you ever have any questions, and you think I might be able to help…feel free to ask.  I’m all about people turning a hobby into a side hustle to make some dough.  It’s like a hobby within a hobby that’s also lucrative.

Make that yo-yo money!!  :slight_smile:

(I’m talking to you YoyoSpirit and Dingo54, and others too)  Mad props.  Keep it up.

YoyoSpirit - Yo-Yo Polishing

BCmaddog - Yo-Yo Painting Service, Paracord Bracelets

Legyoyo - Legyoyo Holsters

Logi - Epic Strings


As an entrepreneurial old guy (running my 2nd successful business right now, and researching my 3rd), I agree with TotalArtist. It is inspiring to see the next generation doing the work and following their passions, and turning it into (hopefully) financial success. These small businesses are either going to turn into good side income for you, or at least teach you a lot about what you need to do better next time, if you are willing to look hard at what you are doing, and what is working, and what is not.

Finding a mentor at your age could be a huge thing as well. I have no advice as to how you might do this, but perhaps someone here on the forum might.

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Me! I street perform, right outside of a bar, playing music that is techno, and well liked. On the way in, they give me a dollor, on the way out, they r so drunk they give me a dollar. I plan it on a sunny day during events.

60$ an hour!


I wanted more…

So i paint and polish!

I started RaYoyos?

This is just what I mean, there are some people on here with ambition, who know how to make a dollar. These are the business owners of the next generation. Even if you guys get a job with benefits someday, there is value to having some money on the side, because nothing in life is guaranteed. It’s nice to have a little hustle or get up and go…know how to make a dollar without hurting anyone and without going to a job interview either. I have a job, but I can work a few other angles too when need be. You guys have more of that spirit than I did when I was younger. I got my first job at 14, but before that I remember kind of moping around because no one will give a kid a job that young. In the age of the internet, you guys are taking full advantage. I love seeing that. There is so much bad to be said about how times have changed…but this one sure is a positive change.

Would you like to share with us what inspired you to start a business, and what you’ve learned from it so far? Is there anything you’d do differently?

I’m not a parent, but if I was, I would have a matching program. For every amount my kid earned, I’d give them a percentage, or invest via supplies. I’d be so proud of a young person who wants to provide honest goods or services and be paid. A lot can be learned from that experience. I know some of their parents are supportive and set up Paypal and all that so they can run their business. Those not old enough to drive are taken to the post office or to the store to get new supplies. That’s what it’s all about. Learning some great values, how to be independent, and make a dollar. I’m all for it!! You will learn some great things about dealing with people, presenting yourselves, maintaining a customer base, using your referrals. Sky is the limit.

I’m going to post my best tips and advice in this thread, some things that might help. I will have it drawn up pretty soon. :wink:

I started making holsters when I I got my yyf fast holster, and disliked it. It didn’t have life, character, or durability. It got the job done for a month or so. Then it got lumpy and became an eyesore. Right about then the fabric started to fray, and I was scared that the elastic would snap on me. So I looked to buy another sort of yoyo holster, but none seemed to have the love in it. So I tried to make them. I tried some stuff. Duct tape mainly. And it was kinda neat. But definitely not a permanent solution. So I was looking into using a cord. My dad knew the name of paracord, so I looked into it. Learned a few weaves. And on my own, created a way to make those weaves into an indestructible, stylin, eternity-long lasting holster. I don’t make to much profit, but it’s a labor of love.

Wow Legyoyo, that is a cool story. I started off much the same way. I was looking for something more durable, and “grown up” looking but unique and stylish at the same time. It’s nice to find a market of people looking for the same as you, and having it all come from a place where you just wanted to make a nice one for yourself. I feel much the same way about it. Just feels good to see my yo-yo friends wearing it and enjoying it…and my favorite player too. Some of the messages from people who enjoy the product…they just go a long way. :slight_smile:

It’s cool to have a craft where you can just turn up the music, and create something without thinking about anything else that happened during the day…or ever. It’s part of what I love about being creative.

I liked the FAST holder, it did not suit me, with my style, at my age, but I think they all have a market. I see paracord all the time in the craft store near me. I have never used paracord, but used to use craft lace as a kid…and know a few weaves too. I’ll snap a photo of the paracord selection next time I go. You might be curious to see, I think it was a large section too.

Yeah sure! There’s a couple craft stores near me, but most only sell the poor quality cord :D. I normally spend time on the internet looking for 'MURICAN QUALITY!!! And like you said, the messages, and people liking your stuff is super rewarding! And the music thing… Dead on. Super awesome just to have my head phones on without a care in the world :slight_smile:

27 words.
Duct tape wallets. Big money makers.

I WOULD go on the street and perfrom, but my family doesn’t really want me to.

…this from the guy who posted a really cool video throwing at burger joints and movie theaters.

Yup. I sell them at a store, and the profits pretty good.

Hey Banjo! Sup? long time no see.

Well, I mean like with a hat and for money XD

When I was in highschool, I used to actively compete in business competitions. I would place in states regularly, and I even made it to nationals once.

Entrepreneurship is a big deal to me, and every initiative I have placed to benefit my future has been based on that.

Hey back at cha Legyoyo! Yeah, I gotta wander back in here from time to time so y’all know I’m still drawin’ in oxygen.

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For a while, I was addicted to polishing yoyos. I would polish every yoyo I bought lol. For some reason, I just liked the feeling of polishing. Now, it feels more like a chore to me, but I still enjoy polishing some shapes, especially rounded shapes. The best part of polishing though? The results. There’s just something amazing about being able to see your face on a yoyo lol

Mr. YoyoGuy, enlighten me about your craft. I also saw various colored duct tape in the craft store. If you can post photos of your wallets, it would be cool to see. At work, I have to carry a card holder, with a work I.D. to buzz myself and in and out of the building. My current one is tattered. Perhaps I will invest in one of these wallets. No one else at work would have one haha.

That’s awesome SlimJoe. You might want to be on that show The Apprentice. You sound like you might win that show. Honestly, for me personally, I always wanted to make money to buy things I wanted for hobbies, but I think at a young age, a job was enough to pacify me. I never thought I could actually have my own business. I grew into that thought much later. I think your high school did a great thing. I wish mine had done the same.

So, in your efforts, what advice would you give to our young entrepreneurs in their various businesses?

I am very, very impressed with what you have been able to do YoyoSpirit. I can certainly see how polishing can be therapeutic…messy, but therapeutic. :smiley: I have a better appreciation of what you do after my attempt to polish the three raw throws I had. It turned out well, but was more work than I anticipated and I made more mess too. I think it takes practice to get as good as you have become. It really is an acquired “skill,” deserving of attention.
I currently have a transaction going with YoyoSpirit.

I have contacted BCMaddog about speckling my P.S.G. He is still sort of honing in on his craft, but I think he is channeling positive energy into his own enterprise. He is getting some good feedback so far. I’m going to send him a PSG, and maybe give him an old Butterfly to practice on.

I will update with photos of these men’s services. We’re all business in here. Time to drum some up. Maybe we can get the adults to reach in their wallets…if they don’t have a wallet, they can get a duct tape one in here. ;D