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Hey guys this is my BST. Feel free to offer on anything.

Magic T9 - dinged up

Yomega Maverick - a little dinged up and missing bearing

Yomega Maverick - perfect condition

Adegle PSG - some rattling, don’t know what thats about

Adegle PSG - perfect

Plastic Grind Machine - perfect

Protostar - perfect

Dark Magic II - little scratches all around

One Drop Dingo - Few minor scratches

One Drop 54 - one little pinprick

Yoyofactory DV888 - Flaw or pinprick or some little thing (I have a soft spot for this guy, so I probably won’t sell, offer)

Yoyofactory CZM8 - Few scratches

Trading Cards:

Harold Owens lll
Miguel Correa
Kohta Watanabe
Petr Kawka
David Molnar
Zac Rubino
Sea Sick
Paul Kerbel
Joseph Harris
Carlos Braun
Brett Outchcunis
Petr Kawka
Paul Han
Peter Pong
Yusuke Moriki
Paul Yath
Graeme Steller
Andre Boulay
Andre Boulay
Steve Brown

All come with goodies!


You need pictures.