Trading Dark Magic, FHZ, Dv888, and Mighty Flea 2010, Gnarwhal, and 888x-PICS-


Ill trade all at one to one person or seperate. You may trade as many as you want.
Dark Magic: One or two scuffs, and no caps. (DOESNT EFFECT PLAY) -BLUE-
FHZ: Mint Condition, no marks or scratches but has been used once or twice. -ALL BLACK-
Dv888: Has marks around the edges but doesnt effect the play. -PURPLE- PENDING
Mighty Flea 2010: Mint condition, with no marks or scratches. Looks, and playes like new. PENDING
Gnarwhal-Mint. Blue with yellow splash, and comes with box. No vibe. Traded-
888x- Mint. Blue with black stacks. No vibe, scratches or dings. Traded-
P.M me.

(yoyo jake) #3



Sorry ive never done this before…so i have no feed back either

(yoyo jake) #5

o ok the rule is only bump once per day


ok. someone wanna trade?


Also it would help everyone and your self if you post up some pictures ^___^


Im taking pics now (:


hey, i like the yoyos here but i cant talk right now

ill pm you later


Ill be on most of the day metal man so u can pm me at any time.

(yoyo jake) #12

would you trade a yoyo for yye trading cards i got:
stefan benjamin
eric koloski
2 bryan figueroa
3 andre boulay

(Justin the JeeJaw) #13

you should mark dv888 and flea pending



(Edmeister) #18

I dont have much but I’ll throw a raider in Good Condition and maybe 10- 15 bucks canadian?


60 for 888x


I PMed you


Hey, your not responding to all of my PM’s. So is that a deal? My TFL for your Gnarwhal?


NO!!! Im shipping my Gnar Gnar to another friend of mine. :confused: