FT: CLYW, C3, TEN-YO, STURM PANZER and MTG LF: Format:C and bimetal


For trade:

FG CYLW-Bonfire 7075-black purple and silver, mint condition
C3yoyo-Electric Flash, Red and Gold, a couple pinpricks in one spot on the rim
TenYo-Drop Bear, black pink and purple, scuff on one rim
I will trade any one of the for a OneDrop-Format:C or a YYO-Rave

I also have a Sturm Panzer-Schneider m-II, near mint but missing stickers
I will trade this for a C3yoyodesign-Berserker SS, C3yoyodesign, Krown ST or a YYO-Rave plus something to even it out. I would consider trading it for a format:C with another yoyo to even it out. I am also looking to trade for Sengoku yoyos. Particularly the hideyoshi. Im also interested in 2sick-Knight

I will look over any offers though

I have a rather large collection of Magic the Gathering playing cards if anyone is interested in trading a yoyo for some cards. I have cards ranging from 1990’s-2012 releases. My collection is somewhere around ~3000 cards. Pm me if interested.

I will look over any offers though

Some notable cards:

Planes walkers:

Nicol bolas, planeswalker
Chandra nalaar
Tezzeret the seeker x2
Sarkhan vol
Sarkhan the mad
Ajani vengeant x2
Ajani goldmane
Liliana vess
Garruk wildspeaker


Quicksilver dragon
Bogardan hellkite-mythic rare
Furnace dragon x2
Flameblast dragon x2
Ryusei the falling star x2
Hellkite igniter
Mordant dragon
Scourge of kher ridges
Rimescale dragon
Bladewing the risen
Darigaaz the igniter
Thunder dragon
Kilnmouth dragon
Voracious dragon
Shivan hellkite
Hoarding dragon
Fledgling dragon
Two headed dragon

Legendary creatures:

Kamahl pit fighter
Timor and lumia
Heartless hidetsugu
Agrus kos wojek veteran
Teysa orhov scion
Melody the clouded mirror
Kagemaro first to suffer


Darkest hour
Glistening oil
Ivory mask
Marshal’s anthem
Natural emergence
Rite of passage
Confusion in the ranks
Night of soul’s betrayal
Unstable mutation
Dispersing orb
Leyline of lightning
Dragon roost
Gratuitous violence
Searing meditation
Genius of the realm x4


Mitotic manipulation
Austere command
Decree of justice
Earthquake x2
Titanic ultimatum
Cruel ultimatum
Profane command
Sadistic sacrament
Rude awakening
Clarion ultimatum
Last stand
Red sun’s zenith


Master’s call
Dark ritual x4
Darigaaz’s charm
Might of oaks
Blue sun’s zenith


Slumbering tora
Emblazoned golem
Titan forge
Feldon’s cane
Darksteel sentinel
Etched champion
Decimator web
Tower of calamities
Tower of murmurs
Thopter assembly
Sculpting steel
Brittle effigy
Golem’s heart
Iron maiden
Spine of ish sah
Sundering Titan
Arcbound overseer
Grappling hook
Myr incubator
Myr matrix
Molten-tail masticore-mythic rare
Jinxed idol
Psychosis crawler
Tower of champions
Myr battlesphere
Jinxed choker
Myr turbine
Pariah’s shield
Livewire lash
Darksteel axe
Henge guardian
Goblin charbelcher
Clockwork dragon
Lich’s tomb
Clearwater goblet
Coat of arms
Loxodon war hammer
Obelisk of grixis


Sunhome fortress of the legion
Savage lands x3
Frost marsh
Blackcleave cliffs
Dragonskull summit
Graypelt refuge x2
Jungle shrine x2
Evolving wilds x3
Sapseep forest
Kazandu refuge
Vitu-ghazi the city-tree
Terramorphic expanse x6
Rupture spire
Crumbling necropolis
Boreal shelf
An-havva township
Orhov basilica
Izzet boilerworks
Seat of the synod
Great furnace
Dread statuary
Inkmoth nexus
Nivix, aerie of the firemind


Firemane angel
Empyrial archangel

Blazing specter
Realm razer
Bringer of the green dawn
Bringer of the red dawn
Bringer of the white dawn
Dimir cutpurse
Kazandu tuskcaller
Goliath sphinx
Royal assassin
Mephidross vampire
Aphetto vulture
Molten sentry
Invader parasite
Sylvan safekeeper
Troll ascetic
Aeon chronicler
Dark maze
Shambling strider
Dogged hunter
Sensor spliced
Cephalid constable


Ulamog’s crusher x3
Pathrazer of ulamog x3
Skittering invasion
Artisan of kozilek
Hand of emrakul
Not of this world
Emrakul’s hatcher
Spawnsire of ulamog

Oversized EDH commander cards:

Tariel reckoned of souls
Oros the avenger
Kaalia of the vast

I also have an entire sliver deck.


Ummm… any pics of the yoyos?


I can get some later tonight

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