You have to see this!!


This guy is amazing.


Reminds me of how yoyos were used as weapons back in the day :smiley:


Well, yes he is.


I like how his tricks aren’t even complicated, yet they are so appealing.


He was featured in a recent TED TALKS. So duh he is pretty impressive


True showmanship right there.




Also, AP anyone?

(WildCat23) #8

That 2a was pretty fast…


Ahhhh so you discovered BLACK. He’s a great performer and can do modern also. My favorite trick of his is the table cloth swipe.


I think this guy has a nice chance at world’s.


I’m pretty sure he won it twice.


Also, I think the only person to have a YYJ signature yoyo without ever being part of the team.


YAY! BLACK! I, a huge fan!

A dude i know has a black nova signed by him when he used to go by tomonari ishiguro


He actually won Worlds a lot earlier already :stuck_out_tongue:


WoW that was amazing


Black is like the David Copperfield of Yo-yoing! Definitely knows how to put on a show!