What 1A and 2A throws did BLACk use on his Ted Talks performance?

Here is the video incase you havnt seen it. ITS AMAZING!  ;D

I’m not sure if it is something custom, or a normal yoyo made custom for the show, but he straight dominates the stage with them. And I’d really like to obtain them, mostly the 1A. And as far as I can tell it’s plastic?
Btw black is world champ Tomonari Ishiguro’s nic name

Not sure on the 2A, but Black normally uses Very Custom made Magnesium yoyos made by Shinobu.

I am not a Yoyo Historian, but I am pretty sure Shinobu was the Master Craftsman that helped/made/designed(?) the Duncan MG Yoyo.

Shinobu and Black are very good friends. Black knew he needed very special and very visible yoyos for his demonstrations. And he knew Exactly who to go to for what he required.

In the Yoyo World; there is no one that can ‘Top’ Shinobu; when it comes to making yoyos. He is without peer.

Actually, Black is pretty much alone at his performance level; come to think of it, lol.

Last year, Black actually flew in from Japan, to donate his original Custom Shinobu Magnesium yoyos, to the National Yoyo Museum in Chico California.

No matter how long you stay around yoing; you will never meet a nicer guy than Black… Unless you run into: Black, Shinobu and Hironori; hanging out together… Then you’d have a 3 way tie.

If somebody actually knows Blacks’ email addy, or another contact form; just contact him for the 2A information. Matter a fact; I’ll ask Hiro. If he doesn’t already know; he will find out for us. I would like to know his 2A set up also.

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I actually did send him an email through the contact page on his website. Idk how long it will take for him to respond or if it will even be him tho. And I assumed it would be something custom, mostly with all the bling on it. Yoyo makers usually don’t kind of visual effect on their throws unless it’s custom. And I totally agree with you that no one is quite on his level, I havnt seen him get into much tetchy stuff like guys are doing now, but I’m sure he can. I love his style tho, just simple old school flawlessness. That man is just oozing talent. I would love to see him and his team “guys of liberty” put out a public release. With that much talent between all of them I’m sure the throw their collective minds could birth would be one for the ages.

Hiro got back to me… with most interesting information(to me, anyways).

He said for 2a; Black also uses Custom made, Shinobu looping yoyos. < Actually, I should have guessed that. But I didn’t. So now we both know.

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