A very interesting TED talk.

I loved his performance. Not super clean, but extremely entertaining.

Also, Foil caps. Foil caps desperately need to make a comeback.


Totally in agreement with you there. I want what he used for 1A.

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Though his performance was not clean but if he were to enter the AP division he would win

That was epic

That vid gave me goose bumps. Thanks for posting it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this, I love stuff like this.

I like his outfit (I call it outfit cuz I don’t know the proper term for what he’s wearing)

And foil caps are indeed amazing. Slithering Hippo has those foil rings, pretty cool. But full blown caps are dope nasty

Those old people are like :o “I used to be able to do that in my day” or… “What kind of Duncan is that?”

9:45 - 10:05 gave me goosebumps

I wonder what yoyos(brand) he using?

I though they were reflector caps with a foil back. Either way, the objective was maximum attention getting, which it did quite well.

That was awesome!

The thing where he grabbed the table cloth in the beginning didn’t register properly with me at first. I thought “ah, that’s cool… He grabbed the table cloth…”. Then I realized, to quote Bill Murray, “and the flowers are still standing” lol.

So awesome! ;D

I haven’t seen Black in forever! His “matrix” performances were awesome back in the day. thanks for posting.

foil caps are cool, remember when basicly every single yoyo had them? lol

When was that? Also, thanks for posting the video OP.


Indeed. They foiled basically every toy back then.

Nice. The 90’s were good times.

The 90s were awesome. Not only foil capped yoyos but also scented yoyos. Good times, man. Good times.



Last I checked both the looping and aluminum yoyos are custom made by a certain manufacturer [not even sure myself which] for Black. They are a little larger than the yoyos we normally use so that it can be visible in his performances.

Black’s performance may not be ‘clean’, but to the audience it was the best yoyo performance ever. And he has performed the same routine in an earlier TED talk where his performance was close to flawless.

Black is one of my all time favorite throwers and a true inspiration for me. His passion for yoyoing and heart is so pure and real, and his artistry he puts into his flow is truly unique and amazing to see.

For reference, he’s been a competitive yoyoers for years.
His winning AP was already posted.
Also for reference:

His worlds 2001 1A 1st place win.

And his awesome 1A 3rd place at worlds 04.

And I believe the last time he yoyo in 1A competitively

Huge inspiration for me.

Awesome talk!