You have a $116.32 dollar gift card


What would you buy? And no, I don’t have a gift card, I just made that number up.


CzechMate and some accessories.


Punchline Repeater and some strings.


A Code2 with some side effects for my cascade.


I think the blasted nickel Code 1, but I think I’d have to throw in a few bucks to get that to my doorstep.


Yyj trinity and some accessories


h.o.t, and some accesories


Yyf proton

Candy wires

3 packs of extra yyf pads


Lots and lots of mosquitoes. (Not really)


A summit


Either a Summit, a Cupcake, or a Superstar.


I’d want to pick up a Supra, but YYE doesn’t have any…

So I’d probably pick up a Pacquiao and a cheap plastic :wink:




Either a Markmont.Next or a Czech Mate and some accesories.


Butterfly XT (shipping from afghan is expensive) :wink: haha just kidding. I would throw in 5 more dollars and get a WALTER! that thing looks awesome!


I would have to decide between a Mini Motrix or a Micro Mo …

then for the rest of the order a bunch of cheap plastics :smiley:


10 pack YYSL Ammo Butane Flame

Pads to fit my Cupcake

A new Crucial Grooved Bearing (just to have an extra)

Some other stuff


A Czech mate, chaos 422 string yellow white, and yyj shims.






i guess im the only one that went with quantity ;D