You get to help Q again!

(Q) #1

I have hit a bit of a slump in my tricks.

Any trick I try to make end up in a flop, what’s a stylish way to exit a flop mont?


Underpass into a GT.

(Q) #3

Done it. Like it as an ending, but I want a way to keep going with the trick.

Thanks Brian

(Troy(oyo) #4

Go into GT suicides maybe?

(DOGS) #5

String recection —> something with that loop?

(Q) #6

Assuming you meant string Rejection, thanks.

Anymore Ideas?


gate it to a trapeze


Consider you go to a gt, is it front or backward gt?
If it’s frontward, you can grab the top string with your throwhand thumb and continue to “soiled panties like” trick.