A lot of my tricks ending in GT


A lot of the tricks i try to create end up in a GT. Is this acceptable? Or is it something i should try to avoid?

Also, how can i start to come up with more technical tricks. any tips? i feel as if i have the skill but just end up making variations of other simpler tricks i do before. They all seem to lead to the same place. Should i just start getting weird with the string and mounts?

Thanks :3


Personally I love doing tricks that end in a gt. I think the only thing someone might say is to extend the trick, make it more techy, continue to do things with the gt, and go into other elements after it, as to not let the gt be the end all be all.


I saw a video where someone said the gt was not a trick but a destination :slight_smile: I always loved that analogy.


Green triangles are one of my favorite things in yoyoing so I personally am okay with ending with them, however I know of people who try to never end in them as well. It’s up to you. If you like it great! If not, find a new way to end it.

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If I have a trick that ends in a GT, I feel like I didn’t put enough effort into finishing it.

I prefer smooth exits that end in a trapeze, like in Superman.


I think it was Steve Brown who said, “Why does every trick end in a GT?!”

It’s probably just personal preference, but I end most of my tricks with a bind.

Also here are some videos that talk about tech:


One of my favorite simple tricks is Kwijibo. Lately on the third arm cross (the one before you come back to a trapeze) I’ve been landing it in a GT. Have no idea how it’s happening, or what I’m doing. Need to film it and slow it down, because I really like it.


I got one that was a bit ironic…I was goofing around yesterday on my break and thought up…what if a GT ended in a GT…well, here it is!