I can't think of anything...

Hi everyone. I’ve been working on some new tricks and I have been doing this one for awhile. But I can’t seem to find any move that I can incorporate into this to make it longer. It just seems to short for me. Any suggestions? I’m, mostly looking for something to add after the GT. BTW I put in my own music, feel free to mute. haha

Sometimes I find myself stuck when I get into gts as well. But some elements ive found were putting my throwhand into the gt and rolling the yoyo into the string by your nonthrowhand and doubleing on and off of that string into new mounts and things like that. Also remember that you can hop out the gt onto a trapeze with a little twist on it. Use that twist to your advantage, maybe you can get into an odd chop sticks formation from that and come up with something else.

It’s all up to you and what kind of an effect you want for that certain combo. Just roll with what you can create and don’t push yourself to come up with something. The inspiration will come. i hope this helped.