You ever get a throw you where just plain scared to use?

Well I just got 4 of them.
Got all 4 of the new Freakhand series Freehands. tim

I was kida scared to throw my dreadnought g, that thing was massive and had alot of weight behind it. Unless you mean scared to throw because you might mess it up…in that case, my gnarwhal and irony.

No it was a play on the Freakhand theme. tim

Mea culpa, hehe. They look awesome though.

Well, I gotta say, the gnarwhal logo on the gnarwhal box is pretty intimidating :wink:

inb4 the noctu post.

I might pick one up just because it fits in with the horror film festival I do sound, lights and projection for in a couple of weeks.

Chances are good I’ll mostly be throwing my DM2, 2nd Run Peak or Code 1

Sudio42’s shortest post ever, an new record!

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They must have scared him.


they scare me too…

If I got an Mg I’d be pretty scared to use it.

Yes, the DV888! I don’t see how people like it. When it snags, the sharp edges hurt so bad!

You don’t know how envious I was when you said 2nd run Peak. What colorway? I know you’ll probably repaint it because of your love for simplistic colorways, but you are lucky!