Duncan freakhand series review!

Hey whats up, today I’ll give you a review about the Duncan freakhand yoyo.
First off, their a great throw for beginners and intermediate throwing
Next, they are great for freehand(obviously)
They are also good for 1a and 3a because I personally like 1a and 5a and it’s great.

Some info, it’s responsive, and it weighs 66.5 grams.

Overall it’s an amazing yoyo!!! I would defently recommend it!!! :slight_smile:

Pretty good info but more would be better. Why do you like it how does it spin and so on. Thanks for posting about it though.

Let me chime in with an unscheduled review:

Duncan gets freaky with the Freakhand. These are monster/horror themed Freehand2’s in all translucent plastic with matching Duncan Dice CW and new monster graphics. Too scared to yoyo? Maybe the Freakhand isn’t for you!

Some specs:
Gap: 3.43mm
WEight:58 grams

What is it? Again, it’s essentially a Freehand2 with monster/horror graphics. It comes in 4 colors and there’s some mail-in offer for a t-shirt.

Enough. How does it play?
Out of the box, it’s responsive. It feels good but it’s too darn responsive. A bearing cleaning helped and now it’s semi-responsive, which means it WILL come with a tug but isn’t so willing to come back as frequently as it was before. I find this to be really good for myself for now as I did set it up with the dice CW and am trying 5A with it. The tug responsiveness helps with “one less thing to deal with”, although I can bind just fine.

The Freakhand appears to use Duncan silicone stickers, 12mm inner diameter sized and an A-bearing. These also don’t ship with extra spacers but are completely compatible with the Duncan spacer and bearing kit. I suppose you could beefcake this if you wanted to.

Overall, for $15, this readily available off the shelf yoyo is a good introduction to 1A and 5A without much cost or investment. It’s easy to mod, by removing stickers or replacing spacers. It’s relatively durable. It could be heavier though, which I think would help with spin times. The width could also be a tad wider, but it’s really just a re-themed FH2, so the specs are identical to the FH2, including play and personality. I can say this because I have a white FH2.

In general, this is fun, it’s not expensive and it’s easy to get. But, there’s plenty of better stuff out there for 1A and 5A, such as the FHZ or Metal Drifter. The semi-responsive can be a strength or a weakness depending on preferences, skill and individual style. It is pocket friendly and the colors are pretty cool.

The weight, as I mentioned, could be better. I wonder if there are weight rings. It just doesn’t seem to sleep or spin ideally as long as I like, and it starts to tilt out after longer combos where-as stuff like my DM2, dv888 or even PSG or Asteroid are still fast, strong and stable.

The narrowness and walls are very unforgiving. One really bad hit and you’re toast, so bind it back and start over.

I bought one for use since I do a horror film festival, but people didn’t “get it”. Oh well, maybe because it was spinning. Or maybe because I’m not that good(I’ve gotten better!).

So, my recommendation:
Nothing special or amazing. Good for starting with 5A and cheap enough and common enough where you won’t give a crap if you beat this to oblivion and back. Nice beater for 1A as well. Definitely worth the money and I’m glad I have one.

(Sorry, not the best review. I suck I know. But I try. I also wasn’t planning a review)

The FH2010 probably has a ton of rim weight. The fact that it has a smaller gap is why it can’t spin as long or is as stable as the other yoyos Studio42 listed. Over all, it’s probably easily one of my favorite Duncans to date.

OP just got schooled in review 101!

Is that all it takes to do a decent review? If so, I got a BUNCH of other yoyos I could review like this.

I banged that out in less than 10 minutes before dinner.

Thanks guys, this was my first review so I kinda needed some guidance

Studio42 i used to think you just spent hours staring at a word document very carefully typing everything to perfection.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I do lots of other writing on a daily basis, either tech stuff or creative stuff, or I’ll just pick a topic and see where I can run with it. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

These days I’m not writing as many equipment manuals. This gives me more time for creative writing. I’ve definitely developed my own style, and it appears that the readers here appreciate it.

I’ve got some stuff I’m preparing for my own yoyo-oriented web site and some some other stuff as well. When it’s at least functional, it will be in my signature. In the meantime, I better save this one for the site too!