You don't have to listen to anyone

(Jei Cheetah) #1

I know that sounds odd but hear me out.

In this community, we are constantly being told to do stuff. The kind of tricks we should do to place well at contest, the elements of a trick tutorial, what company is recommended, how a certain yoyo is and why you should and shouldn’t buy it, and the list goes on and on.

While certain advice is good, I think for some, it can be too much of trying to follow what everyone else is saying, and not much on your own creativity and freedom to do what you want to do.

I want to encourage you all, don’t follow the crowd, don’t be afraid to make a different step in a trick you might be trying to figure out. Don’t listen to reviews. Really, while someone may like one yoyo, you may hate it, and while others may hate one yoyo, you may love it (no joke, I like tons of yoyos people hate, to the point that I used to get flaming on my reviews from people saying “you dont know what you’re talking about, NOBODY LISTEN TO HIM! HES WRONG!”)

Be adventurous. Take risk, and don’t give a hay bale on what anyone tries to tell you. Figure it out on your own.

You have freedom, use it.

Stay legit everyone.




No I’m not listening to you…


I agree to a certain extent.

Maintenance issues should be listened to. How to clean a bearing? Change a string? Lube a bearing(or to not), siliconing vs replacement responses. This is more “fact” type stuff, so it should be adhered to Granted, there are variables and exceptions but overall, there’s right ways and wrong ways.

As far as choosing yoyos:
Can’t argue that in the least. People keep saying “preferences”, and there’s a reason for that. Maybe a lot of people hate or like a particular yoyo. I mean, I could name a few people who HATE the dv888, or the DM2. Nothing wrong with these people, their preferences are off what the majority is. Nothing wrong with having preferences. All advice does is just make a place to gather opinions and compile preferences. I recommend the DM2 to everyone as I really like it. Doesn’t mean you will. You gonna hurt my feelings? Nope.

How to deal with this? Buy more yoyos, keep what you like, BST the rest. Here’s the secret: If you like it, it don’t make a bit of difference what anyone else says. It’s YOU, it’s YOUR yoyo and you can love it or hate it. Like Jayyo said, take some risk. Who knows, you might really end up find the perfect yoyo for yourself.



maybe you should stop telling people what to do and how to think then… just saying. it’s getting old.

you’re probably a great guy in real life, I bet you are. but lately there has been more and more players who thought they’d just go out there and tell people how to think. While I don’t really care about most, I regret not to see the kind of posts you used to do in the past, just being a valuable part of the community. right now, it just looks like you just found out how the world turns and want to tell everyone about it, acting like some sort of self proclaimed “mentor”.

you’re better than that, I know you are. just stop worrying about virtual others and start worrying about your actual self. just accept the idea that the world is heading into a wall and there’s nothing you can do about it so you might as well not care as much and do what you got to do.


I’m with you on the tricks, do what you think is cool. But reviews are a different story. There’s been a number of times where I thought a yo-yo looked really cool, but someone with a lot of yo-yos gave it a bad review, or it really didn’t get hyped, so I stayed away. Then at a meet I would finally get to try one, and I’d be like, “yeah, I’m glad I didn’t plunk down $90 on this, I hate it” Case in point, the Hspin Gorylla. And if I would have bought it new, and tried to bst it, I would have lost $50. I’ve also had the flip side of that happen where I wasn’t really interested in a throw based on the pics, but then someone respected would post a “this is one of the best yo-yos I’ve ever played” review, and it made me pull the trigger, and I’m glad I did. Case in point, the original Torrent. Bottom line, I’ve learned to listen to respected reviewers and the hype machine. It’s usually right, not always (difs & ilyys are beastly throws) but mostly.


If a yoyo gets a bunch of reviews saying that it has a lot of problems and that it is way over priced I’m not going to buy it. But if a yoyo is ignored by the community but looks good to me I will still buy it.


Ya im listining to jayyo

(Owen) #8

Jayyo is right.

I’ll leave it at that

(JonasK) #9

You never HAVE to listen to someone, sometimes you should though. The hard part is knowing when to listen and when not to.


That’s right. I don’t have to listen you.
As good as the advice is, I’ve seen it before.

How you got to be so looked up to is beyond me.

(Edmeister) #11

Your advice made me lose 100$ :’(

(Jei Cheetah) #12

To first part, I frankly don’t care.

to second part, by being more helpful, unlike what you seem to be doing here.


Basically Josh you are telling people what to do but contradicting what you are saying.
I have an idea. You say to stop posting so much and start yoyoing more. Do that. Follow your own advice. Posting on yoyo forums is what everyone is doing. If you follow your own advice you’ll stop posting. OR you can just let people do what they want to do. If they want to follow someone’s advice or throw just like them then that is what makes them happy. They don’t have to be original. Some people have a hard time with that. some people “need” to follow other people to learn or to keep up with the rest of yoyoing. No need to push your views on people when you are telling people not to go with others views.


Josh -> 2 posts a day on average (according to his page)

Icthus -> 4+

We don’t HAVE to listen to what Josh says. I just choose to. In fact, he plain ol’ says that we don’t have to listen to the post.


You SHOULD listen to yer MOM:wink:


True there are wrong ways but I think you should also find YOUR right way to do things. For example I clean my bearings with motor spray that I use for RC cars. I know its not the best thing to do and I am probably going to find a better way to do it, but its MY way of doing it. I think the point of this is not necessarily to be extremely different in a but to be yourself. Dont be what others think you should be. But then again Im sleep deprived since I didnt sleep last night so I probably wont even remember posting this


Im gonna have to go with the Mods view on this one. We should not listen to what anyone says, but we should listen to you and your advice about not listening to anyone? So when should we listen to when people are telling us to not listen? Or listen when people are telling us to not listen when we aren’t listening to people telling us to listen? oh jeez…