Recommendation Advice


I’m going to be gone for a week, so I wanted to leave my recommendation advise so that way all can benefit from my opinions and I won’t be left out of any advice threads

OK, if you’re comparing between any two yoyos, or three, or more:
Yes, you should pick one of those.

If you’re asking if you should choose between a plastic, a bi-metal and a metal:
Yes, you should choose a yoyo made of those materials.

If you wonder what type of string to use:
Use a string that isn’t broken or knotted up except where it’s supposed to have a knot.

If you want to know what kind of bearing is the best in your yoyo:
A bearing that spins is the best kind of bearing to have in your yoyo.

If you want to know if you should run your bearing dry or lubed:
Yes, you should.

What kind of response system is best for your yoyo?
Anything that brings the yoyo back is what is best for your yoyo.

Should you paint your yoyo, or how should you modify it?
Very carefully.

“How do you remove a bearing?”
By taking it out of a yoyo. I use a bearing puller. That’s how I remove a bearing.

“I have $??? to spend. What should I get?”
Something that is equal or lesser than what you’re willing to spend.

What is better, this yoyo or that yoyo?
One of them is definitely better.

What brand makes the best yoyos?
Certainly one of them.

“How do I do this?”
I don’t know. How do you do that?

“Should I do this or should I do that?”

How do I do this trick?
Practice. A lot.

“I don’t like this yoyo. What should I do?”
Let me send you my address and you can send it to me.

“I can’t decide between this yoyo and that yoyo?”
Have you perhaps considered a career in politics?

“What should I get for my birthday?”
A year older.

“What should I get for Christmas?”
Lego Bricks.(Hey, nobody said I had to say a yoyo)

“What should I get for my first yoyo?”
The first one you get. It kind of works that way.

“I want to upgrade from this yoyo. What should I get?”
Something else.

“Are hubstacks worth it?”

“Should I get this add-on stuff?”
Sure. Why not.

“I want to hubstack my yoyo. How do I do that?”
Well, my guess would be to add hubstacks to it. Duh!

What is better for use as a response material; flowable silicone or red, blue, black or clear silicone?
The one you like best.

“How should I clean a bearing?”

“Does it play floaty or is it speedy?”

“What kind of lube should I use?”
One that will reduce wear on your bearing and give you the kind of performance you’re looking for.

If all else fails, get a Dark Magic II, buy 100-count 100% poly string and get a Terrapin X Wing-Cut Bearing.

You’re welcome.


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