You are an artist

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Never let the thought of “I lack artistic talent” ever enter your mind.
The flow and expressionary manifestations you create ARE art.
And the more you learn to release and let go, the more unique and individual mastermind of an artist you become.
Some may try to tell you it isn’t art, but never listen to the naive and closed minded individual who longs to spread confusion, misery and woe.
You are an artist, and you create art.




I agree! I like to pause between tricky elements, the same way b-boys “freeze” a difficult pose that they’ve hit. It doesn’t feel right to me to just jump right back out. Drives me a bit nutty when someone makes a tower and then doesn’t even display it!

Sure hope nobody ever tells me I’m making bad art because I don’t just go directly from element to element with no interruption. It may not be a “liquid” flow, but it’s my flow and I like it!


I really love reading your posts. Keep up the good work, sir!

(Zammy Ickler ) #4

I one hundred percent agree with you Josh about how yoyoing can be considered as “art”. This is how I have always been in my approach to yoyoing, to be able to create a trick or combo from the beginning phase of brainstorming to the ending of finalization. I always love doing this and it seems I am quite the creative type with yoyoing.

However, I have been told off by a few in the past about how yoyoing is not art whatsoever. So meh to them.

(Owen) #5

Thanx >.<


Words of inspiration. Thanks.
I can actually tell my kids some of the things you say. Help them with their school work and all.