We do not "trick"

We do not do YoYo tricks, we “flow”, the magical thing that happens when creation and expression form a tapestry that is full of endless possibilities as an omniverse.

That said, many are stuck in the abyss that is trickery, to which one only “tricks” themselves. It’s a truly interesting phenomenon that when seen from the broad spectrum, trickery with tricks, even the wordplay verifies our conclusion.

It’s when flow of the inner soul is unleashed that we break free of the stealing trickery of other worldly influence and bondage, and incarnate what is greater and beyond.

Ponder this notion, and meditate upon it.




Sometimes i worry about you…

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Very well said! I have a similar view as far as tricks are concerned. Your style is not defined by the tricks you know, but by the creativity you unleash in your own unique way.

As I have said, well said!


It’s always the older ones that “get it”.
Glad you understood it hun, nice to see others who understand the viewpoint!
^ ^

Yes indeed. Just let 13 year-olds be 13 year-olds…

I understand it but its like…ok?

I do tricks.

Hundreds of them.


what’s wrong with tricks?

Wake up people! It’s high time we break free of this mold of delusion, which means it’s around noon I think.

Same here. But maybe not hundreds… lol.

I find it hard to express myself through a yoyo. I just do tricks and have fun.

I “unleash the flow of my inner soul” with my guitar. :wink:

I can relate with HaruRay. However, there are tricks, like hidemasa hook.

Yeah I use a yo-yo so I guess its a preference thing.

For me a yo-yo is a tool I can use to help me chase after beauty and the expression of it.

I can dig it. Interesting viewpoint.

Trix are for kids.

Anyways, it’s not tricking if you got it.
Not an illusion. No gimmick. It’s there.

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When I’m mad of I’m sad I use a yoyo to break free from expectations, my yoyo doesn’t care if I make mistakes, and neither do I

The world can be so judgmental…

And yes Haru Ray, I do understand, yoyo is a form of expression, no different than music, it IS an art and what we do is let ourself be released through our “Tricks”

And yes, I’m not “older”, I’m just a kid :slight_smile:

What I like is i can freely express myself and grow attached to the “flow”, but working on tapping into the feeling more often and break my consistent throwers block

Someone beat me to it!! TuxedoDave! I had to break my ‘69 given thank you’s’ to you for that.

It ain’t trickin’ if ya got it!

Fixed…just in tht mood. Hope someone lawls