Yoyoing as an art form.

I believe throwing can be very artistic. I myself have thrown to music and hitting tricks right on beat. Tricks in general have artistic flow.


You sir are the master of all truth.

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It’s as much art as gymnastics, dancing and figure skating.


I agree completely. It takes dedication, skill, and great expressiveness. Not only that, but it is constantly evolving. Similar to how painters combine colors in unique ways to create pictures that stand out in one’s mind, we throwers combine the many trick elements in creative and innovative ways to make a fluid, flowing, and visually appealing performance.

So an art that is being changed as much as it can to become a sport?

Feels like it’s heading that way.


It sure is an art form… Just watch Jensen throw… So much going on there. Another one I love to watch throw is Eric Koloski… He just does it with so much ease and grace its just so sick to watch…


for me I deffinitly feel that yoyoing is an art to me … all it takes is some good tunes in my headphones and i just let myself move

A yoyo performance is, by definition, performance art. You choreograph a routine and execute it with the same purpose and ability as a dancer or musician. As a musician and music teacher-in-training, I consider my yoyoing to be just as artful and full as my music.

Visual poetry.

It’s all about rhyme, rhythm and punctuation.