Yotricks tutorials.

What do you guys think of these tutorials?

I like them. They have some tricks I i didn’t know about, and the slo mo helps. I also like how they reply to the comments.

They teach… tricks?

There okay sometimes they rush the instructions at time which males it hard to follow. But there generally good tutorials.

You guys wouldn’t believe how much thought they’re putting into their newer videos. I’ve personally witnessed HOURS of debate over certain 2a tricks and the best way to teach them.

I liked them when I was first starting to learn, but then they veered out of 1A tricks so I do not see them anymore.

I’m a big fan. I learned all the basics from there, back in the day. (By back in the day I mean 1 year ago ;D.)

If I recall correctly, they’re going to revisit 1a for a little while.

Maybe we’ll see some 5a tutorials popping up in the future too ::slight_smile:

Yeah, I know how much debate and thought goes into all of the videos

Every time you would ask about their civility, get would say “early next month” then next month you ask they say the same thing…
I would like to see some more 1A vids. I don’t know why the stopped those, Adam should make 1A while others make 4a or 2a.

Time to branch out!


I loved their 1a tuts, but I knew all the 4a tuts, and could not do the 2a tuts

Tuts tut to me

They’re focusing on getting the civility ready for release, the factory did a process on the yoyo so the quality was unacceptable… They said they’ll release and focus on more 1a tutorials when the civility is released.

What I’m wondering is if Jake Elliot would join them in the future and teach us some more 5a :smiley:

Real shame too. They had the Civilities all made, just to realize that they had to remake them all. Worth the wait, though, the Civility is one great yoyo. Great for learning tricks on, which was their intention.





Yoyofactory “star” yoyos mainly Northstar imo.

They are really good, but, if you are in 1A, they only go so far as compared to some of the other styles they have tutorials for. Although, I like them because I started with them and have learned most of the tricks on their list.

I, though, prefer YYE, Rethinkyoyo, and Cabin Tutorials right now. They have more advanced trick lists.

I learned most of my basics from them. Even purchased my first few throws from them. I just wish they would do some more 1A tuts.

So the Civility still isn’t in hands of buyers? I looked on their site and it had them listed for sale which was different than the last time I looked.

I remember reading about it when I first started searching for my first throw. I kept watching for its “next month” release for quite a while until they finally said a couple of months after quality control issues.

The civility is one if the best Yoyo’s I’ve used

Civilities started shipping out last week to kickstarter supporters. Mine arrived yesterday and I’m not mind blown but I am reasonably impressed. Anyway, back to the OP, I found their tutorials to be really good for getting the 1A basics down but I wish they’d post some more original trick tutorials like rethinkyoyo do.