Civility by yotricks

Will you guys get one? Is it all it is cracked up to be? What are your thoughts about it?

It’s basically a copy of a OG OD project.

It’s 90 bucks.

Doesn’t look inspiring, I’d rather have a OG Project (practically same yoyo but by OD).

I backed the Kickstarter, so I should be getting one at some point (I think the estimated delivery time is late April). I will let you know what I think once I’ve gotten it (and had a chance to throw it some).

I forgot who specifically, but YoTricks collaborated with some guys from OD to make the Civility

It sounds a bit weird to me why they came up with the whole concept in the first place: they needed a yoyo to teach more advanced tricks? As if there aren’t any yoyos out there that can be used for that.

The more plausable explanation is that they wanted a yoyo that they get maximum profits from when selling it to the numerous YouTube viewers who watch their tutorials. The “Luminator” (if that’s what it’s called, can’t remember) that they currently use I can’t place anywhere. Could be it’s a common yoyo but I have only heard it in combination with their trick tutorials and site. So I suspect that this already is some exclusive model. Now with the Civility they’ll be able to teach more advanced tricks and sell a yoyo along with it that they’ve created.

@LeftyLink: you might be thinking of Colin Leland

I’ve seen the Luminator at Walgreens

Ummm, no, that’s probably not the reason. It’s extremely hard to go from selling $12 yoyos to $90 yoyos from a tutorial. Also Peter Fish and the Luminator have been around for a long time, probably longer than you.

it has most certainly been around longer in the yoyo scene than me. Longer than me in general? Doubt it :wink:

In any case, I thought their reason for starting the project was a bit strange. Why not go with any other higher/high-end yoyo out there?

I think it’s an interesting idea. The one thing that put me off was their purpose for making it. I mean, you don’t need a yotricks yoyo to learn tricks from their site. If they just said “hey look, we made a metal yoyo, it’s pretty neat”, people might be more inclined to buy it (and less confused).

They say the user experience with the civility is better.

IMO: They like to use their own yoyos for their tutorials, like André Boulay uses his DM2 and for the others he uses YYJ products cause that’s his sponsor.

Basically they are using their yoyo to teach their tutorials, on their website. Like a sponsor, they created Yotricks or Peter fish so that’s their sponsor. They are going to sponsor the yoyo so the user buys it instead of another company’s throw.

Because so many watch their tutorials, if they use a yoyo that’s 90 bucks people will buy it and use it to learn the the tutorials and they get profit.

If they teach their tutorials with a CLYW Chief (for example) then when people see the tutorials they will (most likely) buy that yoyo. In which case they won’t make any profit.

No, they didn’t create the Peter Fish yoyo line. It’s made by Peter Fish, an Australian company.

Adam B, the head of Yotricks, was hired to promote the Peter fish line, so he started Yotricks

I personally don’t care how it came to be. Is it good or not?

It’s really good, I like it a lot, stable, fast, comfortable, I definitely plan on picking one up