Yoshi Awsomness

Hey does anyone here know when Yoshi Mikamoto"Mark Yoshihiro",s new yoyo, Cerberus,is coming out.

should be really soon. they’ve already produced a lot of them. yoshi said that after the video was up they’d release them to the public, but nothing yet :confused:

In the next few weeks it looks amazing



Any other info?

its gonna release at worlds

Realy like all over or just at the contest?

I ts the second day of the contest and no Cerberus I cant wait when is it coming?

the cerberus was there today at the yyj booth for $40.

Does anyone else think the cerberus looks A LOT like Dark Magic 1 & 2? It looks like they took the DMII and just added different caps to it and marked the price up $5. I didn’t look at the specs or anything but just the overal look of it. Even the caps look like they were designed by the same guy.

Yeah, when I first saw yoshi using it a few months ago I thought he was using a dm2. But it plays pretty different. different diameter, weight, shape, etc.

Ah I was wondering. I still think they could have changed the design a little bit more though.

Diameter: 59.63 mm / 2.34 inches
Width: 42.65 mm / 1.67 inches
Weight: 68.0 grams

Diameter: 56.13 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 41.4 mm / 1.63 inches
Weight: 69 grams

Yeaup. Pretty much the same. Sarcasm filter activated. I figured you’d just think I agreed with you.

The yoyos are incredibly different. Of course the caps look similar, they probably are designed by the same guy…

Yah I talked to Yoshi and he said that it was like a Dark Magic with a little more metal.I tried it out and its really not that good. :frowning:

You all don’t know what you’re talking about.

I watched this yoyo in development and many prototype stages.

This isn’t a DM re-do. Its Yoshi’s preferences put into his own yoyo design.

And It IS a VERY good yoyo. I find it to be the “YYR” of bi metals. Really awesome.

Don’t hesitate to pick one up.

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It says right on the yoyojam website that they’re releasing it September first soo… yesterday?

I second this. I love mine. I loved it when I first tried out yoshi’s pre-pro.

Hmmm I’m probably going to stick with the DMII then.

The only way dm2 and cerberus are similar is how they look… they play completely different.