Yoshi Awsomness


Hey does anyone here know when Yoshi Mikamoto"Mark Yoshihiro",s new yoyo, Cerberus,is coming out.


should be really soon. they’ve already produced a lot of them. yoshi said that after the video was up they’d release them to the public, but nothing yet :confused:

(laxdude99) #3

In the next few weeks it looks amazing






Any other info?


its gonna release at worlds


Realy like all over or just at the contest?


I ts the second day of the contest and no Cerberus I cant wait when is it coming?


the cerberus was there today at the yyj booth for $40.


Does anyone else think the cerberus looks A LOT like Dark Magic 1 & 2? It looks like they took the DMII and just added different caps to it and marked the price up $5. I didn’t look at the specs or anything but just the overal look of it. Even the caps look like they were designed by the same guy.


Yeah, when I first saw yoshi using it a few months ago I thought he was using a dm2. But it plays pretty different. different diameter, weight, shape, etc.


Ah I was wondering. I still think they could have changed the design a little bit more though.

(DOGS) #14

Diameter: 59.63 mm / 2.34 inches
Width: 42.65 mm / 1.67 inches
Weight: 68.0 grams

Diameter: 56.13 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 41.4 mm / 1.63 inches
Weight: 69 grams

Yeaup. Pretty much the same. Sarcasm filter activated. I figured you’d just think I agreed with you.

The yoyos are incredibly different. Of course the caps look similar, they probably are designed by the same guy…


Yah I talked to Yoshi and he said that it was like a Dark Magic with a little more metal.I tried it out and its really not that good. :frowning:

(Jei Cheetah) #16

You all don’t know what you’re talking about.

I watched this yoyo in development and many prototype stages.

This isn’t a DM re-do. Its Yoshi’s preferences put into his own yoyo design.

And It IS a VERY good yoyo. I find it to be the “YYR” of bi metals. Really awesome.

Don’t hesitate to pick one up.


It says right on the yoyojam website that they’re releasing it September first soo… yesterday?


I second this. I love mine. I loved it when I first tried out yoshi’s pre-pro.


Hmmm I’m probably going to stick with the DMII then.


The only way dm2 and cerberus are similar is how they look… they play completely different.