Yonomicon Reissue

@unklesteve I see that Yonomicon reissue is releasing later this year in September and you are doing the forward. Can you give us any teasers?



oooo fancy! :star_struck:


I wants it

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I know that Mark updated some parts of the book but honestly I’m not sure what or how much is changing. My forward is really based off a re-introduction of the original text. Neat to see it coming out again…I wonder how it will be received among modern players.


Such a great book.


Quantum yo theory.

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Oh that’s so rad!


I got the original release like 16 years ago curious to know what updates have been made.


This book is how I met Bride the first time.


So it’s almost September. Where might we be able to score one of these?


Yes @unklesteve please do tell.

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Does this touch on string theory?

I have one of the very first originals… Autographed by Mark…

Honestly; I never got a single piece of useful information out of it.

…But considering I never read anything other than the cover; I guess that isn’t very much of a surprise; come to think of it🙀

On a more serious note… I feel the book was waaaay ahead of its time; back then.

Mark was waaay ahead of his time; back then.

I remember back in the old Goldenapple days; when Mark would stand around doing 3A stuff; when there was no 3A. Mark would wrap his head around concepts that were outside the box.
We were so used to seeing Mark do Krazy stuff; it was just a common occurrence.

When Mark came out with the original Yonomicon; it was mainly his wanting to share everything he literally wrapped his head around. He has always been compelled to be helpful. He was compelled to help move the envelope by inviting people into his mind in hopes to enlighten and hopefully shorten their learning curve. By helping them grasp the depth of his understanding.

I think this may actually be a better time to have this book available… soon.

It’s almost like an Egyptian writing a book on how to properly construct a Pyramid.

Obviously; most people will never actually build their own Pyramid. But a clearer view of, ‘how’; would should help industrious folks head in the right direction.

The golden information contained in the Yonomicon; is a refined form of mind candy.

If you can wrap your head around it; it’s time we’ll spent.

… What great news…


I own a copy of the original which I bought when I first started throwing. Whatever hobby I was into I’d always try and grab whatever info I could about it to help me get better or just to help me get more engrossed in the activity.

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever the hobby involves a physical activity, be it martial arts, rugby or yoyoing, a book can only offer so much.

When I used to learn katas in karate I’d often turn to books using the pictures as a guide and read the descriptions of the moves. But the pictures normally only tend to show the move initiation and the completed move, often missing out on the transition which is probably the most important part of the move. It’s probably why I used to read a book for a while then dismiss it. I did the same with the yoyomicon too.

That was quite a few year ago and I’m hoping that I’m a better thrower than I was back then so might be able to get a bit more out of it.

I think it’s time for me to dig it out…


this is exactly what i’m looking for. thank you


This is true. I have a juggling book, and it’s difficult to comprehend what the moves look like. A youtube video shows you the whole attitude and rhythm behind it.

I also think you are correct, with more experience, the descriptions make more sense, and you have a much larger yo-yo “vocabulary.”


Looks like it’s on delay now until July 2020. Must be a new chapter on Injections and bucket mounts holding it up would be my guess.