The Yonomicon

I’m just curious how many people have read it. I’ve heard its still relevant today even though its a bit old, is that true? Is it worth going through?

Some of the stuff in there is a bit dated - but any player who takes their playing seriously should read it, so much valuable, relevant info!

A man at my church gave me this book. I think every serious thrower should read it. The book has some great material,and you can learn alot from it if you are new to throwing or if you are a yoyo expert.

It always somewhat baffled me, but then maybe I’m a little slow.

What church do you go to? Do all the yoyoers at your church get yonomicons? If so I will change churches just for that.

tell me more about this wonderful religion!

As far as I can tell it only really makes sense to Bride.

TFY Transcription always seemed a bit silly, and with the way tricks have progressed over the last 5 years, pretty much obsolete / pointless.

Still, tons of really cool stuff in there and a valuable addition to any yoyoers collection. If you’re going to have a case full of yoyos, surely there’s space for at least one book?