yomega ooch yoyo

will some1 review one

well here is mine. for a ooch yo this is great.e the shape of it is a rounded shape. the thing is it isn’t as wide as i expected.this sort of reminds me of an 888. the ooch yo plays great really smooth and despite it weighs 68g i can still do fast skin the gerbils with it. the yoyo comes stock with a size c and if u buy the 2013 edition it comes stock with a 10 ball. overall this is a great throw from yomega so i will give it a 8.5/10

Nice response. Thanks for trying to help winterjibber out but if you look at the date on his post, 2009.

I’d recommend checking the date before replying to a post. Bringing back a thread from the dead is called necroing, if you didn’t already know. :wink: (many of us have done this, by mistake, once or twice)

This thread is hilarious. While we’re on the topic of Yomega, I can’t take any of their throws seriously other than the Raider/Fireball. Anyways, that’s an epic 4 year necro.

It’s like he’s an archaelogist digging up posts from before the start of time

I find it funny that if we necro a thread we’re scolded for it, but if we create a new thread we’re given links to old threads and told not to create pointless new threads because old threads already exist with the same topic.

I think op is dead look since his last post


I feel like I’m wandering through a forum wasteland.