Yomega groov relaunch?

Anyone else notice that yomega has a coming soon tag on a new groov? Might be the nostalgia bug biting me but pretty stoked if this actually happens!


Thanks for heads up.
Now that is cool. Rhody-O Ooch Groov was my first yoyo that i ordered from online shop overseas (i still have it in my posession), and i will definately look forward to obtain one of new ones. Or two. The only thing that spoils this thing is engraving “Made in china”, right inside hubzone. Why don`t they put it somewhere else, like under brakes? :smiley:


Yeah don’t love the big made in China engraving, that said it is kind of symbolic to years past when there was origin of manufacture was engraved on many throws

Asked Yomega and they answered:

"The Groov and Glide XP will be available for purchase after 3/1/21. Other than Amazon, we do not know which retailers will be carrying this product. The products will cost around $35 each.

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So, it is officially a thing!


That’s awesome yomega was my first modern yoyo brand might get one of each for nostalgia

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Nice! Even more excited now!

i would be really excited, i was looking for one a while back

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