yomega glide vs duncan barracuda

(The Yo mast3r) #1

can anyone do a comparison of the yomega glide and the duncan barracuda


Sorry yomega but the glide isn’t too good when compared the the 'cuda. The barracuda is such a great yoyo I am actually looking for one.


Yomega sucks and Duncan rocks. Nuff said.
The only good thing Yomega has ever made is the Raider.


The barracuda is a beast. Decided last night I’m going to make it my main player for now


Honestly, I’ve played both and I prefer the glide. People need to stop the Yomega hate. If they actually played with their new yoyos they would be surprised.


There isn’t much to compare they both are fairly different in shape, I’ve never played with either though so just look at whichever one looks more suitable for your preference. I’ve heard nothing but good about both yoyos. Yomega has a new owner and even picked up Daniel Dietz to help with new designing so it seems like they’re going down a better path now.

(2Sick Joey) #7

I have played a Yomega Glide and honestly they play pretty dang good. People just hate on Yomega and knock their products before they even try them. The Glide is a serious yoyo and can be used in competition. The H profile is nice and comfortable and its plays semi-solid on the string and is pretty smooth. Not the greatest yoyo out there but is great for the price. I see Yomega going places and becoming a more modern competition company


Maybe the Glide, but most of Duncans lower priced yoyos like the flipside and Raptor are actually good, whereas the Maverick and Dash and ooch something or other, suck.


Maverick is awesome. Maybe not for modern competition, but it’s a great yoyo.


I don’t know what kind of Maverick you have, but a Protostar or even a PSG beats it anyday.


“beats it” at WHAT, though?

I have all kinds of yoyos that beat it at most things, especially unresponsive string-trick combos.

But only a Maverick plays like a Maverick. Protostar definitely does not beat the Maverick for being small, fun, and able to do “pop away” responsive returns to hand. Nor does the PSG.

Responsiveness vs. Unresponsiveness out of the equation, I would generally take a Protostar over the Maverick. But I’ll take the Maverick over the wobbly PSG all day every day.

Besides, I never drew comparisons, that’s you. I simply said the Maverick is awesome even if it’s not for modern unresponsive play. Which it is. It doesn’t have much to compare it to. :wink:


At being a good “modern” yoyo it sucks. Maybe it plays well unresponsive, but I don’t play that way. And most people don’t. At doing normal “modern” tricks it also is beaten by the proto. But it was my main yoyo for a week, thats why I’m venting so much hate on it. :wink:


First thing I said:

So I’m not sure what your argument is. :wink: I believe it’s a really good yoyo of its type. You just wanted a whole different kind of yoyo and were disappointed that the Maverick wasn’t it. That’s not the Maverick’s fault!

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Both are super good.

The Glide has a tad bit of vibe on grinds
But the yoyo itself is super good.
Very stable

The barracuda is a beast.
i like it more than than so many YYRs man
nuff said.


YYE edition barracuda looks sick!! Check out this link!


Yeah, limited to 15 pieces.  There is 1 left in the shop too.

I got a purple Barracuda.  It’s so good… muahahaha

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hello have u tried the yomega glide mayb not coz the people who playd the glide all says it’s great and i bet onc u play it ur mind will be blown


Play the cuda after you play the Glide and your mind will be blown.


Bite your tounge!