YOMEGA Cross Dragon a.k.a. X-Brain

Is it possible to remove the clutch system completely from a yoyo like Yomega Brain and have it replaced with a ball bearing with spacers for looping? All I really want is the caps but as you can see, they aren’t completely circular caps like most of the other yoyos. For some reason, these have 4 rectangular groves.

It would be easier just to get a pair of Raider’s and probably less hassle and cost.

But, if you remove the rubber ring on the transaxle, I think that may disable the functionality of the clutch.

I thought the purpose of the XBrain series was to be a switchable clutch(on/off).

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Yeah I read that you can do that, but I kinda want to turn into an adjustable gap in case the gap it currently has doesn’t do well with me.

You can put Duncan spacers in the recesses. I did it a while ago just to prove it can be done. I ended up switching it back though.

Yomega caps are sonic welded to the body. You probably won’t get them off w/o breaking them.

If that’s the case, I’d say scrap the whole idea. The odds are that they won’t come off without breaking.

Alright then. Thanks for the suggestions.