YOMARTYO Breakdowns----Capital City Shuffle (new)

Lasso Breakdown

Double Tap Breakdown

Mach Whip Laceration Breakdown

One Hit Wonder Breakdown

Houd-a-Thunk Breakdown

EZ-PZ Breakdown

Funny Patterns Breakdown

Deconstructing Tower avec Style Breakdown

This Trick Ends in a GT Breakdown

Wrist Mount Laceration and Wrist Mount Roll Outs Breakdowns

Hipster Tower Breakdown

The Capital City Shuffle Breakdown

2 Buck Chuck Breakdown

Postpartum Breakdown

Nice! I’m going to learn that when I get home from school!

That was intense!

I love quick tricks like this, short and sweet… so far its hard to hit every time but still a solid trick

Love this trick… It’s really tuff though. Only landed it twice in a row a couple times.

New Tutorial

sweet tutorial
something I’ll try out. Thank you

New Tutorial

The Mach Whip Laceration is… ILL! I immediately pulled out a throw to see if I could suss what SEEMS to be a simple “folding meets whipping” trick and that trick schooled me.

Now I must to learn it.

Thanks for sharing!

New tutorial: One Hit Wonder. If you’re looking for some inspiration for front style, I hope this helps!

New Breakdown: Houd-a-Thunk. Enjoy!



Deconstructing Towers avec Style Breakdown



“This Trick Ends in a GT”… is the name a tribute to “John dies at the end”? :smiley:

Really neat trick.

Sure! Lol! Thanks the for support!

Yes, I quoted this whole thing for no reason.
Im going to learn “this trick ends in a green triangle” :wink:

New Breakdown!