Breakdown - Trichope *REVAMPED*

I made a breakdown for a trick I made called Trichope.
This is a reupload of my last breakdown. This version has a darker background which is easier to see the string and movements. I hope this reupload helps. Let me know what you think!

.:Watch In HD:.

Yoyo Used: Quake
G Squared Yoyos

Cool trick.

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You’re the man. Thanks!

What are your thoughts on this trick?

Any feedback…?

Cool trick! Though that hop-to-GT thing in the intro interested me more, really :stuck_out_tongue: would you do a tut on that?

No need for me to make one. Malcolm Chu makes a really nice one, heres a link:

They’re so fun to do. I did a behind the back one, check it out here:

Srsly, what do you guys think?

Watch this if you haven’t already.

Challenge yourself and learn this trick :slight_smile:

Nice work on the custom trick. There’s only one thing, and this is just my opinion, but I think you could actually make that into two separate tricks, with the second one starting at the 1.5 mount. Other then that, I like it. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. They’re actually two seperate tricks, it just put together in a combination (combo).


Has anyone learned this??