And what

Hey guys i am trying to learn and what i got the first part down all the way until i come out of the first triangle and i am doing the trapeze and his brother then in aundres video he does this weird motion that the camera doesnt fully catch? it looks like he throws up the yoyo in the air then goes around the yo yo with the trapeze ? can anyone help me with this trick ?

I can’t make a video at this point, but I’ll try to explain it. What he does is your in the mount for the last reverse GT like thing pop, and then what you do is go forward still holding the string, but the yoyos off the string, and then you go under the string, and then back on that string. Then you underpass onto that front string, and you have the weird GT thing. I know I didn’t explain it well at all, but I really hope I at least gave you an idea of it.

erm, may i steal off of this? Im having trouble with the last part, when you pop up from the wierd 1.5 mount thenrecatch i have but i cant get back into the triangle from that.