Yo-Yos out of coconut shells

Another Post of Nonsense™️ by me.

Seeing that through my recent discovery that coconut shells are quite heavy and impact resistant, why don’t we just turn it on a lathe, slap an axle on and turn it into a yoyo?

Well I understand that there are factors such as weight inconsistency and rotting, but what do you think of this idea?

They also float.

and make excellent bird feeders

I mean anything can be a yo-yo if you try. But yeah I agree, the biggest problem I see is consistency. Trying to get both sides to match up so the yo-yo’s somewhat stable. It wouldn’t be like a block of wood you’d be able to carve as you wish. You’d have more limitations with an already hollowed out coconut.

Yo-yo?, probably not… diabolo?, maybe…


Chico anything yoyo anyone?

Also the shell is the material of interest, in terms of hardness. Unfortunately he white stuff (which is most the weight) would deteriorate. And usually they have weird shapes. I think in theory it’d be unique to make a coconut shell composite material to then mold, maybe?

But I say, if you find that perfect coconut, do it. Afterwards you can make a cup out of it

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Interesting, but wouldn’t work.

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Maybe we can melt it or shred it, and then mold it into a yoyo shape like legyoyos idea?

but then what would be the point

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a durable yoyo.

Sorry just surfing…did someone say melt ? Are we talking about the seed of a coconut palm ? or am i missing something ?

This is what material science is for. Current plastics work just fine. And wooden yoyos are already relatively resilient.

Speaking of making yoyos out of other materials, ive been thinking about the whole “rock on a string” jab when people call out bad yoyos, and would love to see a yoyo made out of rock just for the novelty. I know it would suck, but it would be hilarious.

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This video shows Micah Evans creating a glass yoyo.


Holy crud, rocks aren’t as durable as metal right? So a machine shop could probably turn one on a lathe. Maybe cutting a circle out of a granite floor tile or something would work lol, though it’s totally possible to just find a roundish rock, carve a groove in the center, and fit a string on. That’d probably work. lol

Turning a rock, depending on what kind of rock of course, would blunt tools almost instantly and probably shatter.

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I’m not saying it’d be practical or that there won’t be casualties, but it’s possible lol

Turning a rock? What about injection molding a rock?

This doesn’t seem plausible

Mmmmmh, bruting and laser cutting a rock maybe? like with a diamond? I mean, it doesn;t have to be absolutely smooth kinda round.

You can start with a stone-carving kit and clean it up with a dremel with a diamond edge blade. It definitely wouldn’t be easy, and it would probably take many hours to forge two yoyo halves, but it is certainly possible. The most reasonable way to do it would probably be to search for two similar size round river rocks and mold them into the two spherical halves of an imperial-style yoyo. Then carve in axle holes and epoxy in a wooden axle. I bet an experienced stone carver could make it.


Go by a place that does stone counter tops, they’ll have some really smooth round pieces laying around from where they cut holes in the counter for plumbing. Most places cut the stone using a water jet. They’ll probably give you all you want. Then use a masonry bit to put a hole for the axle in the halves, I’d suggest using a drill press to get it nice and square, keep it wet while drilling. For extra credit drill a big enough hole to put the guts out of a cabal or some other delrin yoyo in there. Then you’d have bearing posts. I’d be tempted to try this if I had the spare time.